Only heard of the weather in London is changeable, Munich did not expect the weather like face, yesterday was bright spring days, today is like to spring back to the winter cold, full with freezing rain to play, do not know if this is to be staged a cold joke. I hate winter feeling, of course except snow outside.
This day is Sunday, all shops restaurants almost all closed, I have sufficient reason not to go out, stay at home to sleep to nature to wake. Early to Munich the most headache problem is what to eat every day. Later in the Grace and Benny inspired wisdom, I finally had resuscitation, developed a universal private menu, also called "beauty private kitchens", in fact, mostly come from Grace copied. Since the introduction of the recipe, as if stolen a martial arts secret set, make me the skill increases, suddenly feeling can with changeless should from the capacity to deal with all the food problem.


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