They said Yiwu feather for sugar is also very poor, they are poor in forced his way out, forced out of their business the path to the rich road. Today's Yiwu factories, buildings, cars, the rich more.
The development of the economy of Yiwu is not my this narrow one can find fault with anything, I want to say is that for decades Yiwu's rapid economic advance, Yiwu people from poor to rich, farmers, through the streets carrying a feather for sugar people, suddenly, have become the boss, soon became a big, big tycoon. But how Yiwu people's heart? Of course there is also turn the world upside down.
Fifty or sixty year olds can witness say it all. Because when they were young or poor, they also love, family, and work for a living. In their own words, when bitter.

But once rich, dressing change, consumption patterns change, have enough capital to their packaging, the maintenance of their own, of course, is not only the appearance of packaging, the maintenance of the body, the heart also in the packaging, but also in the maintenance of the.
Change of mind, is the inevitable product of environmental change. Because the business bigger, both husband and wife have to control things, have their own working circle, living circle, that is the original home is a circle, but it has now become the two round, but the two round diffusion is more and more big, so the two round at the center of the respective distance becomes farther, it is because the heart work, because work, because external factors is more and more far. (prose Network:
Money, in the heart of the expansion, money, the heart is more lonely. Money, the world is changing.
Besides pressure, need to vent, rich also need to show off and show.
So the man's world as a woman, a woman tired also want to find a shoulder to lean on.
So the original can be dull well loved life of husband and wife, but because of money, because the cause of too many people, divided.
Of course, not to say rich boss family wants a divorce. There are many perhaps to children, perhaps to think about the point of loving couples at the outset, need was once bitter came together from this little family, many families maintained a reputation of the husband and wife.
A woman was busy career at the same time, live a brilliant life of waiting, they eat is high-end restaurants, lived in the Gaestgiveriet Hotel, with people is the beauty handsome guy, that is natural, it is to enjoy, it is to have the rich must.
The rich are money around, is corroding. By the new anisotropic anesthesia.
When the dead of night, when have the Spring Festival holiday, they will think of the original, thinking about that time when bitter sweet, think of that time loving companions, the heart also have so a little sigh. However, they do not have much time to nostalgia, not too much time to think that has nothing to do with the money of the past works.


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