Remember the hours, sit in the sunshine in the classroom, looking at the window on the willow, green bud burst is delicate and tender, the spring breeze blowing softly, willow wand gently swing, watching, the blackboard writing is gradually blurred live, my eyes will not listen to the words, trying to open it, are not so easy, I will book stood up, forehead top in the corner of the table to nap.
Pa! A deafening sound. My sweat to scare up, half blurred, saw the teacher set up at his desk, his face is white, white scary, iron as cold, no expression, two eyes tightly pegged me, teaching rod is still in your hands on my desk snapped .
I stood up. Sleep in all things frighten fled in all directions. In all my heart jump, gas was not gasp, even not dare to touch the teacher that the knife of look in the eyes. I head down, waiting for a more intense discourse. The teacher didn't talk behind her, go, walk back from my desk, I more than light saw the only teaching rod shaking in his feet, but also with the rhythm.
The classroom very quiet. I do not know who flip books, pages will brush brush ring. Can you hear the teacher, is a pair of iron shod shoes, step on the cement ground, click click sound. He walked very slowly, is a move forward from the back, no one dared to look back, just listen to the footsteps slowly back to the podium.
I dare not look up, keep a posture, the heart is like Chuai wear a rabbit, just want to listen to the teacher speak out what the first sentence is! He stood for a moment, the class surveyed, violently coughed, and said: here to lecture.
My heart immediately relaxed, legs slightly apart, belly on the edge of the table, hand your schoolbag straps at the play. The teacher seemed to forget me, just do not stop ask students to read the words on the blackboard, time and time again to read.
Suddenly, he called my name, use the teaching rod pointed at the blackboard, let me for reading. There is a blackboard full word, all marked with Pinyin, is composed of members of study and the language class representative, spent a noon finished. I have read quite smoothly, I see his satisfaction is to stay in the eyes .
His face was white, still as cold as iron. I am a mistake to be so afraid of him, for a whole afternoon, I can't see his eyes. In fact, he is a person so serious, there is little smile, even and laughing with you, he did not smile. He took classes are very good, high rate of school, the school every year ranked him is outstanding teacher, but we call him frozen toy boy.
I always easy to be punished in the spring. Whenever the spring, always want to sleep, no matter how good night sleep, once sat easily nap in the spring Yang in the classroom, I asked my mother, she said with a smile: Chunkun, spent the autumn, summer nap you!
Is that really you! I seem to find nap reasons, can not blame the teacher always not directly criticize me, he must also know these words, certainly has the sleepy time, but we do not see.
Qiao said to have, at noon on the second day meet the teacher, let me first class time to him, I go on time. The door hung a curtain, the room is dark, the door is open, I cried twice report, no response, he ventured to lifted the curtain went in, the teacher is sitting at the desk, but closed his eyes, as if still gently shaking, I stand up, shouted again report, the teacher suddenly opened his eyes, but feel the spirit the son still remain in the dream, I smile, I thought: you have nap time. Suddenly son I was saying something: the teacher, you also sit nodding. The teacher just wake up, looked at me, that smile, said: last night changed overnight papers, a bit sleepy in spring, people easily spent ah! The teacher said so. I felt some joy.
This is the first time I saw him smile, very amiable, smile tinged with a naive and simple and honest. I don't know, his usual self, why not smile! Do the duty of a teacher need! Or he just such a character. Suddenly there a few days, the teacher didn't come to class, listen to the substitute teacher speak: teacher is ill, disease, is break down from constant overwork. The heart of the students are very sad, although usually everybody hates his dry face, really can not see, there is a sense of loss, a lost rely on cold Online Reputation Management.
Did not expect, the snub lasted for half a year, we want to graduate, also did not see the teacher's face. Then, we went to secondary school, the Cultural Revolution began. It was a terrible disaster, our head teacher has not survived, his personality makes him become an excellent teacher, also let him become one of the object, his stern became closure repair funding teaching crime, he criticized beaten, tied up through the streets, his face is so cold, never made a sound, the it will become a be set in one's way, was eventually interrupted a leg, lifelong disability.


    gas was not gasp


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